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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dangerous Ideas

When I get certain ideas they won't leave me alone. They don't die quietly in my cerebellum. And so,  I apply certain techniques in trying to just illustrate them, having learned a little more how to work with Sketch-up year after year.

The thing about trying to do an elaborate graffiti like this is that:

 A.) It's way up there on a water tower about 100 feet up. The surface is cylindrical. So...if I were to plan pasting organised wallpaper-like sheets twenty-feet tall I would have to begin at the bottom and align them just right, unrolling them upward. This isn't how it is done even in a small bathroom where one can move the whole strip around before letting it fall down and moving it left or right.

B.) I have no indoor facility where I could stage these and see if they align even on a flat surface and look cohesive.

C.) How does one screen-print such an image this large anyway? If you are a large corporation doing a massive nationwide campaign I imagine there is a place that can print up a photographic four-color process made from half-tone separations in the Ben-Day dot pattern. I figure I could paint on top of 54 inch wide commercial wallpaper, but I still need something as big as a theater or gymnasium to see if it looks right.

D.) Pi. 3.1415 etc. Compensating for distortion between a flat surface and a circular surface.

So this is my sardonic homage to Sauron, at least in conception. The city fathers (and mothers) probably would not appreciate the notion that this is at its base just an extravagant joke, instead of a swipe at our city being under the unblinking eye of a dark lord that wants everyone and everything to serve it. I may never get to do this except as an art bomb that has to be done at night like some scene from The Dirty Dozen. To do it legit would mean eventual responsibility to take it down. That might be as dangerous as putting it up. I'll have to consult with billboard workers.

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