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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gallery Lighting - Continued

In a previous post I outlined the possibilities of re-purposing a US Post Office lobby as a large, well-lit gallery space. During the day there is quite a bit of light let in by the arch-topped window, but as opening sometimes are held in the evenings I surveyed the environment once again and incorporated some parameters that I have learned about since then.

 In addition to making fixed, false walls that would be set directly over the mail boxes I decided that I could build something movable that could leveled with a screw-jack so that the wheels would become inoperable. 

In this situation there are pilasters that are 1'8" wide. The design would adapt to this with metal framing and there would be strategically applied plywood strips where nails or screws could be set for paintings to hang upon.

Even with higher wattage incandescent flood or spot lights the total wattage could be handled by just two more fifteen amp circuits. With the new LEDs - though more expensive to purchase at the outset - would only require one circuit.

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