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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Portable Sawmill - Chainsaw Type, Solar/Battery Powered

Having delved back into a project that I started a few years ago I adapted a set of plans I'd bought for a twenty-foot long mill back then into Google Sketchup . I had a problem that made me put it on a back burner then due to insufficient, antiquated wiring in welding up the mill at my home when my brother, a skilled welder, was over.

Here are the sketched up results:

I have a notion that I can use the sides of a trailer as photo-voltaic collectors to charge batteries that would be housed on the saw carriage. With the knowledge of one of the better equiped gas-powered mill set-ups using a motor capable of 8 horsepower, I think I can use perhaos a golf-cart motor and its 48 volt system. There would be a slight problem gearing up to get the RPMs up to 10,000 on an electric of 3,600, or 1,430.


  1. could you get better gearing with a fresnel lens to solar heat water for a steam generator? Maybe more instantaneous too. No precharging or working too late in the evening. '_) H

    1. Sorry for such a late reply. I suppose one could do that with something along the lines of the Sterling motor. I chose to go the way of batteries and charging with solar. When I Have a chance to get back into this again I am going to make a design where the solar panels might be a fully independent shell that the saw-mill can detach from and merely drive a certain distance away for operational safety.