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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Timber Frame Joinery Sketches

The acme of carpentry and woodworking in this author's mind is timber framing. I've started drawing up joinery illustrations with Google Sketchup, a program Google offers free. I've learned how to use it over the course of a few years and here are a few examples in this category.

Joinery Purlin fly rafter at ridge

A rafter design that interests me is the Gambrel design most commonly seen in barn roofing.

Rafter Saddle1

Rafter Saddle2

Detail of the ridge line, fastening through the top beam. Below, detail of joinery at the collar tie.

Collar tie1

Collar tie 2

Below, detail of the middle rafter joint that gives a Gambrel roof its distinctive double-pitched, four-panel profile, which is notched to act as a saddle for the roof purlins.

Joinery Gambrel mortise and tenon2

Joinery Gambrel mortise and tenon

Below, the joinery between rafters and girders.

Joinery mortise and tenon roof to second floor detail2

Joinery mortise and tenon roof to second floor detail

Below, detail of the triangular bracing below the girders.

Triangular Brace Joinery 2

Triangular Brace Joinery

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